Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hibiscus Pattern!

Here it is!

Size: XS (my measurements are bust 32, waist 26, hips 33) For a larger size, you could simply go up a needle size or two, or play with the cast on number and number of rows. Increasing needle size should not affect the look of the top, since the extensive blocking mine required opened up the stitches a lot anyway. I apologize for my lack of sizing information!

About 450 yards of DK/light worsted bamboo yarn
US #7 circulars

CO 70
K 36 rows
Row 37: BO 5 st, K
Row 38: BO 5 st, K
Row 39-40: K
Row 41: k1, sl, k2tog, psso, K to last 3, k3tog
Rows 42-45: K
Repeat rows 41-45 3 more times
Row 61: K1, yo, K to last stitch, yo, K1
Rows 62-65: K
Row 66: K 16, attach second ball of yarn, BO 14, K 16
Row 67: K
Row 68: K14, SSK, K2tog, K
Row 69: K
Row 70: K12, SSK, K2tog, K
Row 71: K

Front pieces (make 2):
CO 37
K 16 rows
Row 17: K, K2tog
Rows 18-21: K
Row 22: SSK, K
Rows 23-26: K
Row 27: K, k2tog
Rows 28-31: K
Row 32: ssk, K
Row 33-36: K
Row 37: BO 5, K, k2tog
Row 38-40: K
Row 41: k1, sl, k2tog, psso, K
Row 42: ssk, K
Row 43-45: K
Row 46: K, k3tog
Row 47: K, k2tog
Rows 48-50: K
Row 51: k1, sl, k2tog, psso, K
Row 52: ssk, K
Rows 53-55: K
Row 56: K, k3tog
Row 57: K, k2tog
Rows 58-61: K
Row 62: ssk, K
Row 63-66: K
Row 67: K, k2tog
Row 68-71: K
Row 72: K, SSK
Rows 73: K
Row 74: K, SSK
Row 75: K

Sleeves (make 2):
CO 54
Row 1: K
Row 2: SSK, K, k2tog
Row 3: SSK, K, k2tog
Repeat rows 1 &2 8 more times
Row 20: K
Row 21: K

Seam together the sides below the armholes and the top (shoulders) of the back and two front pieces. Also sew together the two front pieces at the middle, creating the V-neck. It now looks like a vest. Sew the sleeves around the armholes and stitch about an inch of the two ends of the sleeves together. If that’s hard to follow, here’s a picture (seam together the matching colors).

Bottom (knit in the round):
Pick up 144 around bottom and join in the round
Row 1: K
Row 2: K
Row 3: *k2tog 3 times, k1 yo 6 times, k2tog 3 times*
Row 4: P
Repeat rows 1-4 15 more times
Rows 65-68: K
BO loosely

Use a fabric glue to attach ribbon along the v-neck. Cut a piece of ribbon 62 inches long and center it directly below the point of the V-neck. It should slightly overlap the other ribbon. Glue it down at the spot and about 3 inches out to each side. Make sure not to glue too much of this ribbon down, because it will not stretch. The remainder of this ribbon will tie around the back.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Hibiscus" Lacy Pullover

It's finished! My all original design, the Hibiscus Lacy Pullover!!

It only took me 6 days to design and knit, which I was very proud of! The top is knit in 5 pieces: back, 2 front panels, and 2 sleeves, then seamed. The bottom is feather and fan lace. And it's hard to see in the pictures, but the ribbon has blue and green hibiscus flowers on it :)

I'll be posting the pattern as soon as I can get it all together!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm In Love!

...with bamboo! My 100% bamboo yarn arrived on Monday--I bought 560 yards for $16 on ebay! I have had a picture in my mind of the shirt i wanted to make with it for a long time, so I got right to work. I'm designing it as an empire waist kimono-y thing, with a v-neck and lacy bottom. I've already done the back of the top (above the empire waist), the front v-neck part and one sleeve! Only one more sleeve and the bottom lace to go! This may be the fastest I've ever knit! Hopefully I'll be posting pics soon!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Welcome to my Blog!

So this is my first blog and I'm so excited! I actually don't have anything in progress right now, so I took a few minutes to make my own blog :)
Hopefully I can use this as a place to vent through my many mistakes, my craziness, and (sometimes!) my success! Plus, since I'm trying to get into writing my own patterns, I can post some of them here.
Well, I hope you enjoy, and I should have more real *knitting* news soon!